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Dear viewers!

This website is for sadhakas.

After a lot of requests our Gurudev (Yogi Shri Anand ji) has agreed for this website.

We hope this website benefits the sadhkas who are still struggling for a spiritual guidance. We remember the time when we were desirous to get a spiritual guide like our Gurudev. At that time, a book written by him became a medium for this. We hope, this website provides enough motivation to a Sadhka, which may eventually lead him to find their own guru. It is easier for a novice to get misguided while walking the roads of spirituality. Our Gurudev realized this by his own experience and also after interacting numerous Sadhakas. A lot of gibberish information is readily available on internet and books, most of them are misleading. With such information a Sadhaka can be mislead, also it may discourage him to the extent that they won't think of spirituality in future. This is the reason that an experienced Guru is inevitably needed in this path.

This website will be of a great help for those who want to begin their Sadhana. It addresses some common misconceptions in the path of spirituality. Through this website, Sadhakas can find all the works, books and videos by our Gurudev, at a single place.

We welcome your suggestions to improve the quality and contents of the site.

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