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Birth and event at the time of birth

Gurudev was born in a village of Kanpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
He was told later by his family members that almost no sign of life was found in him at the time of his birth. Just before he was to be declared dead, an old lady in the village noticed some sign of life and thus his life was saved.
Now, he is before us with his great spiritual accomplishments. He realized the reasons of this strange condition after attainment of much advanced stage of spirituality. During the period of extreme 'Sadhana' (Yog practice) he asked for the reasons to 'Prakriti Devi' (a female deity who controls Apara Prakriti, which includes 14 lokas including the earth), whose description we frequently find in his books. The answer that was given by the 'Prakriti Devi' that before the birth, he had been in a very special state called 'Prakritilayawastha', and he had taken birth from this state, and hence the present birth happened to be his last birth.
As our Gurudev says, it is not necessary that all the yogis who have their last birth, go through the similar condition at the time of birth. However, one thing is similar in all such yogis that their life is full of misery, and after going through a extreme Sadhana they have to achieve 'Tattavagyan'- the ultimate knowledge, the wisdom, and then only they are not compelled to take any birth further.
Our Gurudev's life is not an exception to this. Even before his birth, all the incidents he would be going through, in the present life were put before his vision, and was told, "You are going to reap the fruits of Yog, go and destroy your rest Karma- by bearing them up." Gurudev says that the life or lifestyle of such yogis is related to their Karmas and work-outs. This is the reason that life of such yogis is surrounded by odd circumstances and depravities. Normal men are usually unable to perceive what actually they are.

Education and Interest in Yog

Gurudev went to a school in a nearby village.
He was a vivacious child at school, and was good at studies. While he was in high school, he used to read some spiritual books. He preferred to read them in solitude, the reason being to save himself from father's scolding who never wanted that his attention gets deviated from studies. One of these books was 'SukSagar' authored by Maharshi Vayasa (who also authored the great epic Mahabharata and eighteen Puranas). Later, he became interested in the Holy Bible, and he studied it in a great depth. Though, he belonged to a well-to do family, his education could not go much higher due to indifference of the elders in the family.

After completing his education, he came to Delhi for a job. At job, his supervisors were quite amazed at his quick learning, and intelligence. The life was going as usual, suddenly everything changed. He mentions in his book, one day he asked for some book from his friend, just to spent his leisure time. His friend gave him a book on Yog, which was in a torn condition. The book was written in Hindi-"Kisi Ek Ki Sadhana Gatha" ("Saga of Sadhana of some one"). He started reading it. After reading a few pages, an interest grew in him. He continued reading it to next 2-3 days, after the office schedule until he finished. He further writes- "After reading the book, I asked to myself, can I also do Yog? I sat for Dhayana in the way suggested at the end of the book. I felt some kind of inner sensations in my body. When the Dhayana was over, I was stunned - it was a forty minutes whereas I imagined it to be just five minutes. After this event, I never looked back in this path."

The author of that book Maa "Om Malti Devi" became his Guru. In her guidance, he touched the heights of Yog.

We can know the details of his Sadhana period in his first two books-"Sahaj Dhyan Yog" and "Yog Kaise Karen-Ek Yogo Ke Anubhav"(How to do Yog-Experiences of a Yogi). Later he wrote another book -"Tattavagyana" after he attained a special state called "Ritambhara Pragya". (According to Gurudev, the state of "Ritambhara Pragya" can also be taken as attainment of "Gyana", as after this, there is no any possibility of spiritual downfall in Sadhana, no new karma can stick in Jiva-Chitta. However, it may further take several years to get completely devoid of one's rest Karma which is the attainment of perfection.) While, writing these books, there was an inspiration of Great sage Adi Shankaracharya- a great Yogi and the proposer of the philshophy Non-duality. (Gurudev saw him several times in Yogic vision, a description of it can be found in in his second book-"Yog Kaise Karen-Ek Yogi Ke Anubhav" ) . While writing his third book, Maharishi Patanjali was available to help him, this is described in his third book. As Gurudev told us, during his Sadhana period, he saw several other Yogis in his (Yogic) Vision, with some of them he was related in his previous births. He got various guidance from these Yogis. During his life time till now, he has raised the Kundalini Power of many Sadhakas. Gurudev beware us of the word Kundalini, which is mostly misused now-a-days; there is hardly a person he found who really had experienced it, though claimer are so many.


Gurudev still does his Sadhana.
Also, he extracts his time for spreading Yog, by guiding the Sadhakas, or by writing books on Yog and sometimes answering to satisfy the curiosities of general masses.
His books are available in his website and various central libraries across India.
He will continue to spread Yog, until he chooses to cut himself completely off the society to complete his final Sadhana.

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